Brain Body & Soul Healing

The Triune Ray at Ricks Healing Place

by Genevah Seivertson

The Triune Ray is called the "Power of Powers" in the heavenly realm. The word Triune signifies that there are three parts that are available for us to use. The word Ray lets us know that the three become one and are available to give forth.

There are three colors involved. One is the Sapphire blue of healing which signifies the ray of Love. This represents the name of the Angel Gabriel (Jib'ril) in Islamic) and is translated "God is my strength." He is one of the two highest-ranking angels in Judeo-Christian and Mohammedan religious lore. He is in charge of the vast amount of Angels of Love but is also named as the angel of annunciation, mercy, resurrection and revelation. Apart from the Archangel Michael, he is the only angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament.

He presides over Paradise and is said to sit on the left hand of God. Mohamed claimed it was Gabriel of the "140 pairs of wings" who dictated the Koran to him. In Islamic, Gabriel is the spirit of truth. He is of Chaldean origin and was unknown to the Jews prior to the Captivity. In the original listing of 119 angels of the Parsees, his name is missing and yet he is the preceptor angel of Joseph.

The second color the Triune Ray is the white, maneuvered by the Angel of Light, the Archangel Michael that means "who is as God." The Archangel Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels, whether in Jewish, Christian or Islamic writings, secular or religious. He is given the title Viceroy of Heaven that was formerly held by ha-Satan before he fell. Michael ranks as the greatest of angels in Biblical and post-Biblical times. He originally came from Chaldea where he was worshipped as a god. He heads the Angels of Light and Wisdom; is also in charge of the Archangels, is the Prince of the Presence, angel of mercy and sanctification. In Islamic writings he is called Mika'il. He is said to be the angel who stayed the hand of Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, his only child by Sarah.

The third angel of the Triune Ray represents the gold of the Ray of Life. His name is Azrael (Az' re al) which is defined as "whom God helps." He isn't mentioned in Christian literature but is called the Angel of Death in Hebrew and Islamic lore. When he carried on many conversations with Mrs. Thedick, he always insisted he was the Angel of Birth, rather than Death. He agreed with those who said that he separated the soul from the body at the time of their departure from this earth plane but said he led them into another life, not to death.

He and his helpers also preside at the birth of babies into this world. In both roles, there are always some Angels of Life present at hospitals to make the paths of those coming and going as pleasant as possible.

Here are the stories of two persons who were contacted by this wonderful heavenly being. 1) Verna Jones. Verna is well into her nineties now and still carries the scar on her left leg where a very large blood clot was once after the birth of her third child. Phlebitis had developed. There were no antibiotics in those days. Her fever was excessively high and the clot a real threat of death if it should move toward her heart.

"I just had to get well," Verna says, "I had been motherless from the age of nine and cared for four younger brothers and sisters. I was determined not leave my own three young children. I prayed to live and be well and to raise my family.

"I know how close to leaving this world I was for I heard the rustle of the Angel of Death in my hospital room. It is a soft sound, but unlike any other I ever heard.

"I spoke to him and he listened and then left. I recovered, although after these many years my leg is still tender and scarred. I wear an Ace bandage on it. My gratitude is still great that the mighty angel passed me by."

The Angel Azrael would smile as he gently corrects the image to Angel of Life and says, "Whenever you call me, I help."

He helped recently at the passing of another friend. During her last moments on this plane, it was as though she were in the birth canal, leaving the womb of Mother Earth, entering her new sphere, helped along by an unseen force.

Cradled in a fetal position, there were gentle arm movements as though she were striving for a breakthrough into her new life. An amniotic essence was around her. She was unaware of her immediate surroundings and was reaching out for the approaching newness. We sensed that angels were helping her be born another time into a world of Light where flowers are more fragrant, birds sing in greater joy and there is a brightness of the heart. where she would rest awhile.

The Archangel Michael, the Angels Gabriel and Azrael form the wonderful Triune Ray. They represent the qualities of Light, Love and Life, the colors of white, blue and gold. The power of this Cosmic Ray, especially as the three are whirred into one, must always be tempered to the ability of the one or ones who use it and also to the capacity of the recipients. The vibrations are simply too powerful unless this is done. It is like trying to put a 110 plug into a 220 socket. There would be an explosion.

When we feel decisive enough to work with the Triune Ray in our own affairs, we must be secure enough to trust our God. This is a good place to check out our own life in meditation. What to do we find that is good? We give thanks for this. What needs changing? Be willing for it to happen. We realize the power available and know we're willing to be its channel. When we reach this point, we give thanks and possibly find what are right for us and a joy unknown before for as we use this power. We'll have a self-mastery and atunement with our Creator that is perfectly balanced.

Along with the Triune Ray there are other angels such as the Angels of Comfort, of Healing, of Beauty and Balance and the Color Ray Workers who will also assist as they have the qualities necessary to work on the Cosmic plane.

Let us become still for a moment and realize how much our spiritual knowledge has stretched. Has it resulted in an urge to share, to help our families and other dear ones? To reach out to those whom we haven't liked prior to this time? All we need to do is let our inward joy show in our faces. We will naturally shine; our smile will be on our lips and in our eyes. We have such growth in our lives that surely others will wonder what has happened. At this point we may share, always being sure that what we say is tempered to what the listener can accept.

We may use the Triune Ray anywhere with impunity. We may send the Love, Light and Life of God, of the Universal Mind, as a triumverate of high angels to anyone, provided we lower the power to the ratio which is acceptable.

Because we have no personal pitch in the results, having turned our personal will over to divine Will, we are privileged to listen and allow those whom God would have us serve come to our mind. We send the Triune Ray to each need separately, stepped down to the individual needs. After we have finished the work, we give thanks and accept the feeling of warmth that glows within us.

We Are Servers