Brain Body & Soul Healing

Spiritual Guidance at Ricks Healing Place

ricks healing spiritual soul

Spiritual Guidance is given by Rick as part of the work that is done with each client. This guidance comes from Rick's own life experiences, or it is channeled through Rick by his guides. Rick's guides include his grandmother Geneva who works through Rick. Other guides who work with Rick are "Kwahoo" an Eagle being who is an Ascended Master. Kwahoo has been with Rick for many past lives doing healing work. Rick also channels the angelic realm. Much love is channeled through Rick by the angels.

These Angels assist in your healing process, the Angels also assist in sending earth bound beings to the light. When we cross over to the other side there is a guiding light that will assist the soul to find the light, if this opportunity is missed the soul becomes earth bound. Some people know these lost souls as ghost or possessions. These are souls who missed there opportunity to go to the light. When this happens the soul becomes earth bound and it does not know where to go, so the soul continues doing what it did when it was alive, it now continues its life through other people who have a weak energy field, that allows this possession to take hold  ( I.E )  Alcoholic, Drug Addict, Rapist, etc. This is powerful work that helps many souls simultaneously on a universal level.