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A Testimonial from K. Thompson

I have already recommended Rick's work to several friends and co-workers! When your energy is clear and flowing well, everything works better and life feels worth really living again. It opened up whole new possibilities for me and offered perspectives of mind/body/emotional connections that I had never thought of as related. AMAZING THINGS!!

I had the Chakra Clearing and Chord Pulling Energy Work done, along with several other general healing sessions. My experiences with Rick have resulted in changes in everything from the Wholeness of the Peace and Wellness I feel, the Free Expression of my Joy and Unconditional Love, New found comfort in Standing my Ground and Speaking out, to the Intensity of my Orgasms! GO ENERGY!!!

Rick is a clear expression of Love, healing the world, one person at a time. There is not an ounce of judgment or negativity in whatever needs to be cleared. HE OFFERS FREEDOM, AND THE ALLOWING OF YOUR PERSONAL PROCESS WITH SPIRITUAL SUPPORT.


K. Thompson
Eugene, OR

Kerry's Testimonial

The tools I have learned from Rick have been implemented in my daily life. My daily life gets crazy busy and if I did not have the tools I don't know how long I could last in my line of work, no matter how passionate I am about the work and how much I love doing the work.

I work for Child and Family Services and have a case load of 18 children with their dysfunctional parents. The cases are getting more and more uglier as time goes by and the state budget cuts can not take on the easier cases to heal. As a result the caseworkers become weary and exhausted because of the severity of the cases they are given plus the amount. Economic problems also have an increased effect of sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty and neglect of children.

Because of the increasing pressures and severity of my cases the tools that I have learned by and through Rick are essential and very valuable assets in my daily life. I use them on a daily basis to keep me grounded and fully functioning as a case worker. I know without these tools I could not last for as long as I want to, because my heart goes out to these kids and the burn out rate for this type of work is agronomical. An hour ago I had three very difficult draining discussions about my case and took the time to work on me when I could tell I was "going numb". Instead of a "smoke break" I took a "Rick Break" and now I am productive, getting my work completed in excellence.

Thanks Rick,

Kerry Fannin SSW; MBA
Child Welfare Worker

Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Heidi Fox writes:
distance spiritual readings
I had been ill for some time with exhausted adrenals; for months all I wanted to do was sleep and my heart would pound. Sometimes I seemed to improve for a few days, only to slip back again. Although I had much to offer, I felt like I was just waiting to expire.

I scheduled my first phone session with Rick, figuring I had nothing to lose.

That day was a turning point for me. During the session Rick ascertained I was entirely right-brain dominant, and had been so since age seven. He retraced the cause of the dominance to a traumatic incident in my childhood. We "cleared" the incident and the subsequent belief based on that incident.

I tend to be sensitive, and during the session I could feel shifts going on in my head. At the end of the session he gave me some easy exercises to do for the next two weeks, which I did faithfully.

The way my life has "unfolded" since that day has been nothing but amazing. It's hard to put into words exactly ... perhaps because things are not what I'd expected. For instance, although he never said this, I had assumed I would become better at solving math and logic problems. Instead, what continues to happen is I am having "spiritual" experiences. The quality of these experiences has been profound beyond description ... the closest I can describe might be "entering into oneness with the divine" for three days .... also moments where my mind disappears completely.

Literally the next day after my session I began being "lead" to the right people and information to help me. So, so many things are improving (as Rick said they would), including my health and energy. Also I am being asked to participate in leadership roles, something that used to be horribly stressful for me, yet it feels really "fun".

Truly, I am grateful beyond words!! Thank you Rick!!!

Heidi Fox
Asheville, NC

Artist Tamara "Rainbow" Tavernier writes:

Since I did a session with Rick, my life has changed dramatically.
Something that is for me a real surprise, because I had struggled for so long.
18 years ago I had for the first time anorexia nervosa very badly. After that I had it a few times and could not get it out of my system.

I came to Hawaii and when I met Rick I was very depressed.

Not only did I have the disease again. It was always a defense mechanism for me; but I also just had bad experiences and felt really betrayed.

I was really out of balance and very insecure and totally lost.

When Rick did the first session I was very skeptical about healing. But I didn’t have anything to lose any more. I was totally out of balance on the other side of the world.

Rick knew things he absolutely couldn’t know about me and there he won my trust. It was amazing how he figured out my core belief and at which age. That was right on.

After the first session I felt so free. I was another person.
I had the core belief ( I am alone ) and it was amazing, from that moment on I was not alone any more. Or didn’t have the feeling.

Oh you go up and down, that’s for sure. But 6 months later I can tell you I am a totally different person. I feel so connected with my inner source and much more powerful. The fear and insecurity is gone. My life is still insecure when somebody else would look at it. But I don’t see it as that any more. I have grown so much within myself. I feel secure within now. And that is the most beautiful gift Rick gave me. The power to take my life and spirit back.

He has the tools to help you find your inner power and to be your own authority.
Meanwhile you do the work with the guidance of your inner source it is AMAZING.
OOooh one of the things I LOVE about Rick: he is sooooo certain about his work.
And that is because it comes from the Universe and he trust the Universe and himself, because he is the Universe. Just as you and me.
I am so in gratitude I have met Rick! It was in the right moment. I was so sad….now I am happy, happy with life and me and everything around me…

I think I would be able to write a whole book……..

Thank you Rick!!!

Tamara "Rainbow" Tavernier

Jane Hamilton writes:
I was referred to Rick by a friend. I was going through a major challenge in my life that was bringing to the surface very negative and stuck energetic patterns I had been dealing with as long as I can remember. I had four sessions with Rick. The first session was quite helpful but the second one was life changing!

After the second session I never again felt deep bottomless pit loneliness churning in my gut. So many thoughts and projections associated with that feeling are simply no longer present in my daily life or my mind. I was no longer reading abandonment into every missed connection nor was I laying it over top of the joy of others.

Since the third and fourth sessions I have been more willing and able than ever before in my life to nurture and care for myself. Friends keep asking me if I am in love when in actuality I have released a relationship that was not supporting me. In a way they are reading me correctly. I am in love with being alive, with myself, with the feeling of love filling my heart. This is an amazing departure from my lifelong attitudes and perspectives. Its as though everything that did not match me was released from my space and now all beautiful thoughts and energies that resonate with my spirit are filling those spaces. I feel entirely congruent and integrated!

Rick is completely accepting, non-judgmental, easy going, authentic and unpretentious. He is a trustworthy healing partner who will stay with you until the session is ready to end. I cannot recommend him highly enough. My only complaint would be that it was so much fun working with him but now I don't need any sessions! I have never met Rick in person and so all of this work took place on the phone. He is 100% present during sessions.

Jane Hamilton

Rusty Hays writes:

Thank you Rick for the healing session. I have to say I was not sure at first whether the session would be really healing or just something like a pacifier to make a person feel better momentarily. Well, its been nearly a week now and the effects are remaining. I was truly blown away to begin with as I thought I had studied everything under the sun, that is, until this meeting. Now, still feeling the effects even a week later... all I can say is wow. I am grateful and thank you. By the way, feel free to share this email with anyone you like. I hope everyone finds these kinds of results.

Rusty Hays
6th Dan Blackbelt
United States Blackbelt Association
Sacred Earth Martial Arts

Stephanie Tantalo writes:

This is my story as it came from my heart and through my hands to you.

About a year and a half ago, my soul was crying out to the universe for help. I didn't even know it until I met Rick. Now I know it wasn't the coincidence I thought it was at the time. Rick was "sent" to me because I had "ask" for help. My job was a daily chore. My family was in shambles. My life, for the first time, was seeming to me, as not a good place to be. I thought I had tried to be a good person and live a meaningful life, so everything that was happening to me didn't make sense. Rick gave me understanding. He showed me where I had gotten lost on my path and gave me my "compass" to keep me there. We had discovered my beautiful little grandson was autistic and had a life threatening allergy to peanuts. Then "things" started happening in our home. I knew we had spirits, but it didn't frighten me. But, it caused my daughter and son-in-law to become almost psychotic. Rick came and explained they were just "earth bound" and couldn't find their way home. He explained my grandson was "gifted". He's an angel sent to us. His light is so bright, that sometimes these spirits confuse it with the light they are seeking to the other side. So, he attracts them to him. Rick helped them find their way and our house returned to normal. This happened so often, Rick had to close my grandson's portal to the spiritual world for a while, just so we could explain to him he is in an earth bound body and he needs to learn how to be a little boy. He is four now and talking and going to school. I now have my own business, my children are happy, healthy and thriving and we exude our gratefulness every day for the angel that was sent to us. Thank you Rick. He literally saved our lives. Life is wonderful!

Stephanie Tantalo
Eugene, Oregon

Acaidia writes:

I have worked with ghosts and other spirits for awhile now. Typically it goes well with very few complications. I noticed that my house was feeling like a deep fog was surrounding it. There was a presence that was not positive in our home. I noticed that our energy level was low, that negativity was becoming more and more and that it was affecting our animals as well. I asked a mutual friend if she knew of anyone that could help. She suggested Rick. I had explained to Rick the problem not sure if he would believe me that I see ghosts and spirits. He was compassionate and began work immediately. I noticed a difference in the house almost immediately. My dogs seemed to relax more. Within a week of asking for help I noticed that energy levels were higher and the cloud had lifted. He taught me a lot through his experience and I am grateful for that.

Corvallis OR