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Rick Explains How Spiritual Healing Works

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How does Spiritual Healing work?

Healing 101. What needs to be healed? How does healing work? What needs to be healed is the human consciousness, all dis-ease or in-balance in the human body is a miss-creation of mankind.

In the beginning of time these disorders did not exist, our world and all of it's perceived problems have been created by the human consciousness. When we do healing work we are healing the human consciousness. How healing works is with a team effort: healers, such as myself, do our part; Divine Source, A.K.A GOD, does it's part and the final piece of the team is the client.

The client is the physical vehicle in which healing can occur, the client's part in this is to allow healing to take place. If people need a certain disease for their learning then they are going to keep it. We as healers cannot interfere with another person's journey, we can only assist when asked for help.

Spiritual Healing takes place between you and the universe. Spiritual healers such as myself, are vehicles for the universe to work through. Your higher self knows everything about you and what you need to heal. So ultimately healing is decided by you and your higher self. What I do is connect with your higher self which will guide us through the healing process. How I communicate with your higher self is with a set of dowsing rods that I use as a form of long distance kinesiology. I will have you use finger positions that represent different indicators. i.e. touching the tip of the thumb and the tip of your index finger together is the physical indicator and so on. This is like going in and out of different compartments in a computer. There are 26 different indicators but most of the work gets done in the first five which are physical, nutritional, emotional, electrical, and spiritual. Your higher self could also lead us into chakra clearing or past life clearing as part of your healing process. Again this is between you and the universe.

In the video below Rick explains the re-patterning technique that he uses during his healing work. This is just one of many techniques he will use as part of the healing process that he will take you through.

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