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Energy Healing at Ricks Healing Place

energy healing at ricks healing place

Another type of energy healing that Rick uses is the Triune Ray. This is a more advanced form of energy healing that one needs to be thoroughly prepared for. This is a very powerful ray that can be used on anything and everything, it is a ray that needs to be stepped up or down depending on the situation. This is where proper training and personal development comes in.

soul healing with reiki  These toxic feelings are being felt through these cords, they drain you of your energy and emotional stability. These feelings continue until these energetic cords have been removed, sure over time these feelings can soften and get somewhat better, however removing these cords is a much faster way of dealing with all the negativity that was created through the separation between people.The importance of removing these cords is far reaching for one's own health as well as opening the heart allowing forgiveness to take place and bring peace to all parties involved.

There are many types of energy healing throughout the world. Energy healing can be used on people, animals, plants, food, ect. Reiki pronounced   "Ray  Key"  is probably the most recognized because of its popularity of being a safe and easy modality that anyone can learn and use on themselves as well as others, in person or distantly.

energy healing using reiki healing touch

Other techniques that Rick uses are healing with color rays, crystals, and "cord pulling". Cord pulling is a very powerful form of healing as well, these cords are energetic connections that we all have with other people that we know as friends, family, co-workers, relationships, ect. These cords provide the connection that allow us to feel close to people. When there is a break up or divide between people and the relationship that they had goes south, all kinds of ill feelings and negativity arise.

energy spiritual and soul healing with Rick