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Telos - Lumarian city in inner Earth

The Inner Earth City

High Priest of Telos, Adama

Telos is an inner earth city that was created long ago by the Lumurians when the continent of Lumuria fell. It is said that the inhabitants of Lumuria and those of Atlantis disagreed about how the world should be run. This warring between the two continents lead to the fall of both including most of the inhabitants, however, the Lumurians knew ahead of time that the end was coming and had created a plan to save its civilization. The plan was to create a city in inner earth, which is known as Telos. This relocation was mostly successful given that all of the Lumurian teachings were saved, but only about 20,000 of its people survived. Telos is alive and well today, a thriving 5th dimensional city that at some point we will all be given a chance to visit. The High Priest of Telos is Adama who is channeled by a chosen few on the surface of our earth. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Telos, inner earth and the Lumurians, then I suggest reading the books of Telos by Aurelia Louise Jones.