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rick soul healing, spiritualAscension and Healing the Human Consciousness.

Our world is changing at warp speed. Planet earth is going through an ascension process and we are going along for the ride. What this means to humanity is that we are vibrating at a different frequency than we did before. There is much to be celebrated about this new frequency, but these powerful transitions can cause upheaval in our bodies, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There is nothing that you have to do to make this ascension process happen, nor can you stop it. You can, however, do some things to help ease yourself through the transition, such as healing work, practicing stillness, meditating, chanting, mindfulness practices, conscious breathing, spiritual exercises, etc. While we each can exercise our free will to resist the changes taking place, our souls have chosen to be here at this time.

We are going though these experiences (also known as karma) to clear out the past so that we can receive the new energies and frequencies. Our bodies are becoming lighter and less dense, so what is needed to continue our physical existence here on earth is for us to transform and develop our "light bodies" in order to become the new human. As this physical evolution is occurring, our consciousness is also being called upon to expand into the realms of universal love. Thus, we are beings of both light and love.
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When I help people transform and develop their body of light and love, I focus on opening up their energy centers which will assist the development of the new 13 chakra system. (A.K.A. 12 strand D.N.A.) I do this by clearing the subconscious of its negative beliefs and old patterns. The subconscious develops between conception and the age of 12. During this development stage it takes on what are called core beliefs. Typically these beliefs are of a negative nature. There are many core beliefs, some of the most common being, "I am not wanted", "I am not loved", "I am not safe" and "I am not good enough". These sorts of fears, beliefs, and judgments are not who we are but they can have a powerful impact on who we THINK we are. Who we are, in our purist state, is "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".

The subconscious mind is child like. It does not think, it does not make decisions, and it does not lie. It just knows what it knows. The subconscious is also 90% of who we are. If you have a core belief, such as the four mentioned, then you might find yourself trying to be wanted, loved, safe and good enough. It is probable you are not being successful in your efforts because you are caught in this "David vs. Goliath" scenario. As you make your way through life, "you" - the 10% we call David- is going one way and the 90% child like Goliath -the subconscious- is going another. Consequently all of your efforts are sabotaged, draining you of your energy, emotions and joy in life.

We develop core beliefs when we witness or experience trauma or abuse of some sort. In addition, we tend to shut down one side of the brain or the other. This leaves us either right brained or left brained, which society accepts as commonplace. However in truth we should be whole brained with balance between our right and left brain hemispheres.

Once permission is given from your higher self, there is an opening created in the subconscious which allows removal of these negative core beliefs. Once this is accomplished the brain can be, in a sense, “re-patterned" or rewired to open up all the pathways to the brain, so that you operate out of both sides of the brain. Consequently this will bring balance into your life physically, emotionally and mentally. It also gets your subconscious on board with you (David) so your subconscious (Goliath) is no longer sabotaging your efforts to be wanted, loved, safe and good enough. You now have conquered Goliath. This process will change your life!

The changes that most people experience are the left side of the brain is now doing it's part of logical thinking and taking care of the day to day responsibilities of life here on earth; the right side of the brain is now freed up to be creative, intuitive, and play. The cool thing for most people is that those who were right brained now have more intuition, creativity and spirituality available to them. For those who were left brained a whole new world can open up, allowing them to tap into their creativity, intuition, and spirituality much more easily than before the session. This work does not take away any of your gifts or abilities which you already have. My work brings more of who you truly are into your life. This healing is felt and experienced all the way to the soul level, you will be forever grateful you did this work for yourself.